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Drama/ LGBT Short Film

A quiet and obedient boy tries to please his strict and opinionated father as best he can. Now as a young man, he realizes that his sexuality places his relationship with his father in jeopardy. & A heartwarming short narrative film about a man writing a letter to his father about coming out as queer. This film has been recognized and awarded in several film festivals in the United States and on an International scale.

Letter Written: Chris June

Director: Mya-Breyana Morton

Cinematographer: Bandeja Munir

Producer: Rufaro Musvosvi 

Starring: Chris June & Ryan Ashley

Total Runtime: 10:15



Best Director - Vesuvius International Film Festival 

Best LGBT Short Movie - Vesuvius International Film Festival 

Award Winner - Hollywood International Golden Age Festival 

Semi-Finalist - Stockholm Film & Television Festival  


Atlanta Black Pride Film Festival 

Distributor Outreach Film Festival 

Rome Independent Film Festival 

Vesuvius International Film Fest

HER International Film Festival 

Hollywood International Golden Age Festival 

OUTSOUTH Queer Film Festival 

Carolina Short Film and Screenwriting Showcase 

Ohio Valley Festival For Filmmakers of Color

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